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How to increase air quality in home

How to increase air quality in home

How to Increase Air Quality in Home and Office Buildings

The Air We Breathe

We spend a majority of our life in our homes and offices. Both of these places need to be comfortable and cozy. As important as these requirements are, it’s also very important that the air we breathe in, is pure. This is not usually the case. The air we breathe in 24/7, might appear to be clean and pure but, it really isn’t. Although in a very small amount but, there are many contaminants in the air that are contagious for us. The contaminants in the air not only make us sick but also, there are other subliminal negative effects of them on our health. If you need professional help for local contractors free estimates, go to Perfectdwell.

Contaminants in the Air

There could be many sources of these pollutants but, they can be categorized under two major columns; the living beings and the non-living things.
how to increase air quality in home

In the case of living things, the contaminants include the excessive carbon dioxide in closed buildings, tobacco smoke, chemicals from perfume and similar other chemicals from humans or even pets. In the case of non-living things, it could be dust, mites, tiny fiberglass particles, gases from various materials like carpet or furniture and other microorganisms. While one can’t control

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all these sources, they can be minimized to a safer level.

Improving the Quality of Air

Here are few ways you can reduce the percentage of contamination in the air you breathe so you can increase air quality in home. This will increase you home price and keeps you healthy.

1. Mop the hard surfaces regularly.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filter, strong suction and a rotating brush.
3. Use floor mats at every entrance to trap most of the dust and contaminants.
4. Keep testing for Radon gas which enters the buildings through cracks and small openings.
5. Stop using perfumes, painting and air fresheners way too often.
6. Use a dehumidifier in your work place or at home since the bacteria and the pesticides find a humid environment more than a less humid environment.
7. Fix leaky plumbing to prevent moisture-loving mold.

If you follow these steps on How to increase air quality in home office, you’ll be saving yourself from plenty of chemicals and contaminants and providing a safer environment to yourself, friends and families. Find qualified local area contractors and get help from Pros if problem persists.

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