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Home Construction Tips – Construction Considerations – DIY

Home Construction Tips – Construction Considerations – DIY

Home Construction Tips – Construction Considerations – DIY

Today we will talk about 3 most important points you need to consider before new home constructions though there are many which we will cover in different articles. So more to come but always consider PERFECTDWELL for new home constructions or remodel of any size.



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Constructing a building or a house is an expert’s job but, often this months’ long process ends up with few glitches that are almost impossible to fix. Even if you are able to fix these problems, they’d cost a lot of time and money which, you can save by taking a few structural considerations before building the house. Here are few of the considerations that you need to take in order to make sure you don’t make a mistake that costs you a fortune later.


  1. The expansion and contraction of different materials.

Almost all the materials used in the construction, expand and contract at different times of the year, depending on the moisture and temperature. This expansion and contraction needs special consideration in few of the cases discussed below.

Post-Panel Connection:
The problem of expansion/contraction is usually catered by allowing some space between the post web and the panel. Some professionals use caulking or shimming to post-panel contact point to avoid sound leakage. However, you need to make sure that the caulking


or the shimming material does not hinder the expansion/contraction process of the panel.

Panel-Panel Connection:

These connections can be horizontal or vertical. In either case, you need to make sure there’s enough room for the expansion of the material while keeping the joints tight.

Ground-Mounted and Structure-Mounted Connections:

Often the ground-mounted barrier continues onto a structure-mounted barrier. In such a case, special consideration is required to provide space for expansion while maintaining the structure’s design requirements.

  1. Foundation Considerations



There aren’t many options when it comes to the foundation used for the ground-mounted noise barriers, except for concrete cylinders, continuous footings and spread footings.

However, there are a few considerations to take in order to decide the footing type that is ideal for the purpose. These are:

  • The compressibility of the soil.
  • Any expected excavation activity near the construction site.
  • Ground water level.
  • The range of change in the water levels.
  • The average depth of the buildings nearby.
  • Ground Stability.

These are few of the crucial matters that you must pay close attention to before moving on with the construction. Catering these issues right on time can really save you time, money and energy.





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